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How Do I Select A software Vendor ??

When a customer source for a software supplier, look for the following:

  1. With experiences and long history understanding the education industry.

  2. If you are a College/University, do not look for a school software vendor, requirement are different.

  3. Get a software with standard features that meet most of your need.

  4. Only customize what you need and not what you wish.

  5. Do not believe a vendor if they tells you 'Everything Can Be Done !!!'

  6. Do not believe a vendor if they offered you 'Free' , nothing is free in software industry. Human cost are expensive, a good vendor need to maintain good level of personnel will not offer you 'FREE' .

  7. Look at the vendor's profile and their existing customer list, qualify them. If you are a University, look for a vendor that have most experience with University.

  8. Look for the a vendor whereby , the top management / owner are the system designer and programmer, A good and sustainable 'restaurant' will only work if the owner is the 'cook' himself.

  9. NEVER get a vendor to customize build your Campus software from scratch, Education industry is not a 'simple and easy' industry, most vendor who did not have the education software design experience will abandon the project before finishing it.

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