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Do customer still want to own the source code ?

Do customer(s) still want to own the source code?

20 to 30s years ago, most of the customer wanted to own the source code for the software product they purchased, still work in 2022 ? Sorry… No More!!!

Today technology changes so fast and if a customer own their set of the source code, they will be running that only version during their purchase and could not enjoy all the beautiful features from the new technology upgrades.

Example of features upgrades for education industry:

Mobile capabilities, online payment gateway, Student self-service on Mobile, new process flow for student enrolment, programme structure revision, fees revision and instalment, QR Code scanning with GPS for attendance taking and many more.

This simply because the customer is not a software house, they do not have a dedicated R&D team to research, develop and upgrade the software to the next level.

With CLOUD model today, just subscript and use the software, let the software provider to worry all the technology platform, features enhancement upgrades, licenses, daily backup and others.

It saves the customer tons of money and always enjoy the benefit of having the latest version of the software at no cost!!!


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