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Why Choose Us?


You can leverage on our experience gain since 1996; we have experience in managing small and medium scale of institution to enterprise scale campuses. We have the industry 'know how' that help the education institution to implement standard and proven processes. 

Industry Standard Process Base System

Our product compliment to the institution to achieve management excellence. There are always challenges on knowledge retention when institution facing workforce turn over issue. By leveraging on our solution; campus users shall operate base on processes that defined in the system. It shall retain the operation knowledge within the organization and furthermore protect the organization data which are significant important to every institution

System That Grow Together With You

Our exposure in the industry for more than 20 years, we have seen campus management software suppliers came into market who were unable to cope with frequent policy change in education industry. Their short term involvement has impacted the deliverables of the project that left the institution without support. Many institutions facing such repetitive situation which happen now and again. It has caused the loss of investment, time and manpower effort for the projects and left no option but to relook and reinvest for new system.

Always Stay With Latest Technology

Our software is constantly updated with new features and new technology platform. Your institution will always stays abreast with technology trend. we have grow from Mainframe base to Client/Server to Web base and now CLOUD base. Moving from Terminal to PCs and to Mobiles devices, we stay competitive

Build With Your Special Needs

Using our standard version as the base architecture, we are able to provide customization services to develop the system that fit your operation requirement.

International Coverage

We have experience to implement our solution for various countries, namely Singapore, Maldives, Cambodia, Vietnam and others. Our software support different education industry standard, namely American System, Australian System, UK System , Canadian System and Malaysia MQA System. Our existing customers run mixture of programmes within the institution by leveraging on a single version of software on single platform. 

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