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University and Campus Management Software

Started and specialized since year 1996, We supply total integrated software solutions solely in education industry for Universities , Colleges and Schools. 

This is a cloud solution that enable campus operating from the CLOUD by using personal computers or mobile devices.

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Our Experiences

We started supplying University and Campus Management software since 1996, we have vast experiences in the education industry. We have completed many large scale projects including some with hundreds of campuses and hundred thousands of student. Some of our customers are universities located in other countries and running our solutions from the Cloud. 

We offered both CLOUD standard edition which are currently widely used in the industry and customization services for your unique business processes. Our software are multi campuses and multi currency ready for institution that have multiple location in the world. 

Our Services

Our Product Strength

We have vast experience in education industry since 1996. Hence, more enhanced product functions and features were developed. These are the proven track records that help the customer to improve efficiency of campus operation.

Benefit of Cloud Solutions

We have constant application enhancement and version release with greater features to accommodate industry’s needs. The new features have addressed the changes of industry process and requirement to achieve operational excellence.

Consistent Customer Support

The product with constant upgrade supports our customers operation since 1996. Our strategic product roadmap and vision has established closer ties with our client to strengthen and promote long term business relationship.

Our Product Strengths

Fully Integrated Modules:

  • CRM,

  • Admission,

  • Registration,

  • Finance,

  • Timetabling,

  • QR Attendance

  • Exam Management

  • Graduation,

  • Scholarship,

  • Sponsorship,

  • International Student,

  • Hostel Management

  • Library Management

  • Student's Support 

  • Survey,

 and many more..

Please contact us for more information.


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ONLINE Features

Our online features includes of :

  • CRM

  • Online application

  • Online Registration

  • Online Payment

  • Online Course Selection

  • Online Add/Drop

and many more..

All our product runs on Mobile devices. 

Hybrid Automated Timetable

We are one of the few provider that have a hybrid model of Timetabling software, user can create the timetable manually or by entering some parameter and let the software self generate the timetable. 

You can have mixture of manual and auto for different programme/courses within the same campuses / faculties.

Finance Features

  • Performa Invoice

  • Installment 

  • Online Collection via payment gateway

  • Refund Workflow

  • Aging report

  • Export monthly summary records to GL

  • Sponsor Collection

and many more...

Ready to find out more?

With more than 20 years of market exposure in education industry, we have more experience to share with you, please contact us for more information or book for a product demonstration.  


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Important Notice..

We do not authorize any agent or reseller or any associate company with similar brand name (EMS) or product name PLUTO CMS. We were informed that there are companies who are using a similar company name, our existing customer list and our product's information to approach some institutions, Please contact us directly for more product information.

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