The Most Affordable University Management Software !!!

Why It Is 'The Most Affordable' ?

With the long list of modules and features, only a few similar software in the world can compete and it cost higher to implement. With the technology platform on cross platform on both personal computer and mobile, we can deliver the solution All-In-One without having to purchase many additional licenses.

PLUTO is a product developed from our accumulated 20 years of industry experiences and with many sweet and sour implementation experience, these experiences make us stronger and confident with our next customer. 

PLUTO comes with long list of modules and functions which are similar to other software from United States , Australia and United Kingdom , with only a friction of the cost !!!

PLUTO can be self-implemented by institution as it is policies driven and easy to understand, unlike other software required to subscribe expensive implementation services.

PLUTO can be implemented within 7 working days for a university , provided the customer assigned 1 person from each faculty to handle the initial policies setting and programme/course creation. Compare to other software, it will required a 'Project Team' and will takes from 3 to 24 months for a complete system run. 

Why we can implement faster ? We have experience on all the academic standards in the world, namely American , British , Australian and Canadian. All academic standards the Universities / colleges are following either 1 or mix of the above standard and we have predefined template and process flow in the system just for that !!!

Feel free to download our features list or contact us at for an online demonstration !!!