Started operation since 1995, we are a 100% malaysian owned company dedicated to the education industry. We always revolved and improved following the rapid changes in the education industry. 

Our Company Road Map : 

1995 EMS 1.0 Student Profiling Developed on COBOL.

1996 EMS 2.0 Student Registration and BIlling Module Developed on Oracle RDBMS and Oracle FORMs

1997 to 2003 EMS 3.0 Student Information System developed with 8 Modules 


2004 to 2006 EMS 6.xx series , Enhanced with more integrated modules, Standard Industry Processes and workflow for education industry.


2007 to 2012 EMS Cobra 1 and Cobra 2 CAMPUS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM developed and implemented in many large universities.


2013 to 2017 EMS Cobra UNIVERSITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (UMS) developed and upgrade most of the customer from Cobra 2. 


2018 til todate EMS PLUTO UMS Series CLOUD and Mobile Platform developed

2020 to 2022 Product Enhancement Plan 

With additional 100 new features and reports to be added , some of it : 

  1. Enhance Online Learning LMS and possibility to implement as standard-alone module. 

  2. Integration to IOT devices and Mobile Apps.

  3. Simplify the registration processes with integration of QR Code

  4. Enhance the INSTALLMENT modules with new and additional features

  5. Enhance screen design for more Mobile Platform and New Layouts.

  6. Introduction of student E-Portfolio and Lecturer E-Portfolio

  7. and many more...

Advantages Of Our Product : 

Our software focus on Industry STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE ( SOP ) , system provides proper processes that complied to both education and finance standards. 

Our software have been through many audit process and some customer uses our platform for theis ISO 9000 certification. 

We promote INDUSTRY PROPER PROCESS FLOW AND GOVERNANCE for better University and Student Management.