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Established since 1995 , Provides Total Integrated ERP Solutions For Education Industry.

Our University Management System UMS Comes with more than 20 enterprise modules for Campuses with thousands of students and you can run hundreds of programme/courses all at the same period. The system cater for both long and short courses and allowed individual configuration on the Academic Calendar.
Always Improving...
Developed on Web HTML 5 , A single platform / vendor that covers all modules you needed.

Run our UMS freely on all different devices from PCs to your Mobile Phone.

Integrated Imaging uploading from your mobile phone camera.

1st to offer ‘self-implement’ cloud base campus management software
Admission Office
1st of it's kind online portal which provide 'leads' generation and admission workflow processes.

All applicant is handled via an applicant portal, all submitted application will be 'send' to the counserllor portal and monitor the processing status.

Counselor evaluation on application and forward to head of school for final approval (workflow) , issuing offer letter, reject letter and conditional offer letter.

Monitor pre-registration student and online payment for registration fees.
Registrar Office
Registration module gets information directly from the admission portal or simple direct registration for walk-in student.

Creation of student profile, programme / course , subject enrolled for each intake and semester, fees scheme or installment scheme, scholarship or sponsorship , programme / course transfer , withdrawal, semester suspension and other registrar functions are some of our UMS standard functions, and DO YOU OWN reporting which Generate daily, weekly and management reporrts.
Student Billing and Collection
Full Function Student Billing and Collection Module for all your Invoices and Payment Receipts,
Credit Note,
Sponsorship and many more...

Unique Features:
Amortization Reports
Student Aging / Reminder
Auto Scholarship Adjustment For each Invoice Granted
many more...
Provide online payment for student to pay for registration, application fees , tuition fees and all other fees. Current gateway to PayPal , You can have your own PayPal account and we will configure the payment gateway for your payment directly to it.
International Student Office
A special module to handle all extra processing you need for your international student, example: VISA application and tracking, Immmigration department followup, Insurance purchase, Bond collection, student pass and visa renewal process, alert student on expiry date, produce many statistical reports on your student population by course , intake , country , race and others..
Scholarship Management
You can create unlimited types of scholarship, Offer them to student, grand them by semester or by course, cancel scholarship if poor exam result, record scholarship as 'Charity' contribution in your accounts, monitor number of scholarship given, system auto calculate balance fees to be paid after scholarship assigned, balance fees to be paid by student, combine scholarship and sponsorship for a single student and many more..
Sponsorship Module
Create and assign unlimited Sponsorship or loan parties, assign student to a sponsorship by the type of fees, generate sponsor invoice , monitor payment from the sponsor, generate student exam result / performance reports for the sponsors and many more..
Integrated Auto Time Tabling
Input your parameter and let the system generate with crash checking for Student, Lecturer, Rooms and Course/Subject.
Attendance module to track daily / session attendance, SMS to parents if student missed classes, generate report for exam department for student with poor attendance, class room booking and facilities management and many more...
Exam And Graduates
Exam system cater for all your needs, assign different assessment scheme and grading scheme for different programme/course , intake and semester.

Supports UNLIMITED levels of sub-assessment component , final marks calculation , GPA/CGPA , special grades and many more..

Generate exam board sheet , transcripts, result slips and publish exam time table and result through at the student portal when the result is ready and certified.
Lecturer Portal
Lecturer communicate with student with this important module, features includes of:
Lecturer time tabling
Attendance entry
Exam marks entry ( control by exam department )
Student Profile and remarks enter/view
Complain and request
Forum setting and chatting with student group
Student 1 to 1 messaging
Loss and found corner
Buy and Sale corner for study material
many more..
Student Portal
The most important interface within the institution, student and the lecturer, standard features are as follow:
Student profile / update
Apply for programme/ course
Time Tabling in calendar form.
Exam results ( after exam department activated the release functions )
Online registration for course and subject
Online selection of classes and session for the time table.
Submit complaints, request for counselling
Library book search
Hostel search / booking
Job and Alumni portal
Many more.
e-Learning System
Integrated e-learning in the student portal and lecturer portal, lecturer to design the contents / home work, student to download for study, exam and quiz, uploading of course's material in multimedia format, monitor performance of the student and talent management .
Extra Curriculum
Setting for extra curriculum such as Chess Club, Sports Club and others, records for which student vote as President, Secretary , Treasurer and etc..

Setup event such as learning, classes and competition , keeping records for Extra Curriculum Transcript attachment.
Student Counselling
Record counselling session for a student, problem, issues and action to be taken, monitor progress, provide mentor and manatee records.
Hostel Management
Operate your hostel similar to Hotel environment , reservation , booking , check in , check out, beds transfer, billing for weekly, monthly or by semester , all with simple setup, enhanced features such as inventory for your appliances, utilities billing and many more, student make access to hotel information via the student portal.

View your hostel capacity in graphical planner.
Discipline Module
Record discipline for students , provide task list for 'What action to be taken' , monitor the case status , generate reports such as Top 10 discipline program in the campus by discipline types...
Alumni Module
Connect all graduated student with the student portal , provide functions such as Search Friends, Get Approval to be connected, Organize Alumni event, Members register for the event, Post Announcement , Post Job , Update latest working location and many more..
Jobs Portal
Allowed potential employer to register and get approval from your institution to post jobs, student view and apply jobs from the student portal, auto publish student profile to the employer upon application, helps both the employer and student to get jobs easily.
Management Portal
Online Real Time Management Dashboard and CEO Reports For Management Meeting and Daily Use.

Fully drill down graphical charts and online reporting, project your campus information via mobile devices with on screen projector , no more piles of papers and out dated reports.
Mobile Access
Run the portals from your mobile, provides a Single Point Of Communication Between Lecturer, Student and the Institution.

Link to time table for class selection , crash checking.
Link to exam for exam result .
Link to e-Learning for all e-learning activities.
Link to Finance for all finance related information.
Link to forum for Lecturer/Student discussion.

and many more...
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Alumni Module

Connect all graduated student with the student portal , provide functions such as Search Friends, Get Approval to be connected, Organize Alumni event, Members register for the event, Post Announcement , Post Job , Update latest working location and many more..